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I do words and games. Often NSFW.

Original Fiction


As Happy As Pirates or Burglars

As Happy as Pirates or Burglars
(Pirates and Tyrants 1)

Captains of a Tyrant Fate

Captains of a Tyrant Fate
(Pirates and Tyrants 2)

Melesina, a scion of an Imperial star system, finds that the assassination of her father didn't go at all as she planned. She is now politely fighting for her life in a court full of cunning nobles and wily spies.Meanwhile, her trans sister Nada is just having fun, most of it carnal; but her past resurfaces, and she must choose whether to return to face danger and doubt.Among the rest of the crew, hobbyist thief Taisiya also has difficulties: sharing her mind with a new headmate. Can she work with the ruthless Imperial operative in her brain, or will she get betrayed again?A high-heat sapphic sci-fi adventure with lesbians, robots, and spaceships!

Our Monsters

Our Monsters
(Terat 1)

Rosemary Dulahan, answering a strange job posting, arrives in Monstertown – a place inhabited by magical beings from another world.Navigating the politics of sphinxes, lamias, and secrets, she must learn how to get along with her non-human coworkers and maybe romance a few monster girls along the way.There's nothing she wants less than getting caught up in a murder mystery troubling all of Monstertown... but the mystery doesn't care what she wants, and she's about to discover the darker side of her new world